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The Councillors


Tel. No.

Mobile No.

E-mail Address

Representing Council


Cllr Lynne Aggas
(01425) 839763
  • Hulse Hall Committee
  • New Forest Consultative Panel
  • New Forest Association of Local Councils
  • N.W. Quadrant Panel
  • N.F National Park


Vacancy        "             "                        " 
Cllr Simon Cain(01725) 467 00307920 108 
Cllr Michael Hulse(01725) 512 858 
Cllr Hilary Bowen(01725) 512 23007501 066
  • Hulse Hall Committee
Cllr Paul Harling 07740 120 525paul.breamoretradingpost
  • Parish Liaison (Police)
Cllr Peter Turner(01725) 512 36907970 977 389

  • Hulse Hall Committee
  • Cranbourne Chase A.O.N.B
Planning Panel

Full Council to serve,

3 from 7 required.


Other Contacts


District Councillor

Cllr Edward Heron(01425) 471 46607753 815 

County Councillor

Cllr Edward Heron(01425) 471 46607753 815 

Parish Clerk

Mrs V Eden(01425) 655 707 

Areas of Responsibility

In addition to overseeing Local Authority and County Council functions as they affect the Parish, the Parish Council's representatives attend the following meetings: -

New Forest Consultative Panel,

New Forest Association of Local Councils,

Cranborne Chase A.N.O.B,

Hulse Hall Committee,  

Planning Panel (ad hoc, as required)


Register of Interests

The Register of Interests for the elected Councillors of Breamore Parish Council are available via the following link;